Links to additional information on Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Dioxide can do a lot more than stated here. There are many web sites on the internet that you can visit to fully appreciate the benefits of Chlorine Dioxide. Following are some links to get you started. If you find other sites with reliable information that you feel can benefit others, let us know and we'll consider adding them here. - Basic information regarding Sodium Chlorite can be found here. Jim Humble's books are listed here as well.

Archbishop Mark Grenon's book - A World Without DIS-EASE Is it possible? Volume 1.

MMS Forum - Discussions among users of Sodium Chlorite can be found here.

Genesis II Testimonials - A database of testimonials of people using sascraments offered on this website.

G2Voice - Weekly broadcasts of Genesis II Church and past show archives.

Quantum Leap - The Global Healing Revolution documentary.

The Riddle of DMSO - Form 60 Minutes, CBS’ newsmagazine.

All About DMSO - A Miracle Healer!

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