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Silver has been used for healing for centuries. The Greeks and Romans kept liquids in silver jars. During the plagues in Europe, many royal families escaped disease because they ate off silver plates and used silver utensils. (Are you still using silverware?) Silver was used by American pioneers to keep water and milk from spoiling or becoming contaminated. It is used by NASA to purify water in the space shuttle. Russia also uses it in their space shuttle. It is used by some airlines to purify water on flights. Thin silver foil is still used in India and China to wrap portions of food in. The food and silver wrap are eaten together. Silver is used in most of the burn centers in the U.S. and has been used to prevent blindness in newborn infants eyes for many years.

Silver has been used for eons, with records from ancient times showing that silver was used medicinally during the times of Aristotle, Plato, and even earlier. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, who advocated that doctors do no harm (the Hippocratic oath), wrote of silvers beneficial healing and immune supportive properties. Hippocrates wrote of the benefits of silver in supporting tissue repair and wound healing.

The ancient Phoenicians stored their water and wine in silver bottles to prevent spoiling.

Prior to the patent-craze of pharmaceutical medicine in the modern world, colloidal silver was a preferred choice for supporting the immune system against disease.

Silver can be found in all sorts of edible foods such as whole grains, spring water, and even mushrooms. It is an essential trace element for the nervous system with receptors in myelin neural tissue.

We make no health-related claims about colloidal silver supplementation. However, in doing your own research, we trust you will find plenty of scientific studies to support colloidal silver supplementation as a positive adjunct to your own health goals.

To determine how colloidal silver can support your individual health needs, talk to your healthcare practitioner for further individualized support and planning.

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